-Special davit systems
-Deck & access equipments
-Liferaft systems
-Cruise-liners & Ferries
-Mega Yacht

OFFSHORE PLATFORMS "Optimal security"

Cantilever davitFor Offshore platforms & ships, ACEBI has developed Freefall solutions which allow not only natural gravity lauching but also a controlled launch of the lifeboat by falls. ACEBI has also developed reliable Cantilever & A-Frame davits which take no space on deck. Complete packages including Life/Rescue boats and their well adapted Davits are designed to reduce interface, installation costs and to facilite the maintenance. The best way to offer to the crew members the optimal security in special offshore platforms' working conditions.

ACEBI's offshore equipments could be approved by the NMD which prescribe the most contraining standard of quality and reliability to ensure the optimal security.

  • Single Point Gravity
  • Cantilever
  • A-Frame
  • Freefall System
  • Rescue Boat
  • TELB Conventionnal
  • TELB Tanker version
  • Rescue & Fast Rescue
  • Freefall


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