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Our wide range of compact cranes offers customers an extensive selection of standard and purpose-built equipment. ACEBI’s long experience in this specific field of marine engineering and design has allowed us to develop an extraordinarily diverse selection of ‘off-the-peg’ units which includes : fixed arms, luffing, telescopic and monorail cranes - all ideally suited to both marine and quay mounting, as well as to merchant naval and offshore use.

  • All cranes can be powered using diverse energy sources – for example, a built-in hydraulic, pneumatic and/or electrical power pack. Furthermore, cranes can be equipped with an enclosed cabin (heated and air conditioned).
  • If low weight is requested, in case of a strong corrosive atmosphere, low-temperature working conditions or special aesthetic requirements, ACEBI can use different types of raw materials, such as high-tension steel,  low-temperature steel, aluminium or stainless steel.
  • For specific markets such as mega yachts, ACEBI has developed a specific crane for each project, based on a standard model and adapted to meet the requested specifications.


A simple, reliable and compact crane with variable outreach and a full set of safety features. Our versatile design can meet all cargo handling demands. All combinations of SWL and Rmax are available, up to 200 tonnes x meter.


A short stowage length is available in case of limited space. Double/triple telescopic versions can offer extremely short jibs. Maximal outreach can be a combination of luffing and telescope. Rmax and SWL to meet customer requirements and needs.


ACEBI’s Luffing Cranes are ideal for container and bulk carriers. Cranes are supplied with ergonomically designed and well-insulated operator’s cabins.


ACEBI has been supplying Fixed Arm Cranes for many years now ; these are available up to 10t t-trend capacity, and up to a 15 m radius. Their design is compact, reliable and efficient - and their maintenance cost is low. The pneumatic model is specifically designed for hazardous areas like offshore installations.

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ACEBI, since 50 years, is designing, developing and supplying davits, launching and recovery systems, lifeboats and rescue boats, cranes, deck and access equipment for all types of ships and offshore platforms.


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