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Solas Requirements :

The 1974 international convention for Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) and it subsequent amendments are prescribing all the safety and operational rules and standards from international conventions and apply to vessels over 5OO GT.

The SOLAS international convention is administered by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Today, SOLAS covers almost all types of commercial ships engaged in international service and has been ratified by all major maritime nations.

Lifesaving systems have changed . Gone (at least for new construction) are the open pulling (oar-propelled) lifeboats of the Titanic's day. Today's lifeboats have full or partial rigid enclosures to protect the occupants from the elements, and are propelled by diesel engines. Lifeboats on tankers are equipped with air supply and sprinkler systems which allow them to travel through fire on the water. Many cargo ships have a free-fall launched lifeboat that is dropped from a ramp on the stern of the ship.

Chapters III of SOLAS cover lifesaving systems. Until the 1974 revision, SOLAS contained little in the way of technical detail for these systems. It was up to each national maritime safety administration, to ensure that these systems were adequate for use on their ships, through an equipment approval process. However, beginning with a 1983 revision, specifications for lifesaving systems were included in SOLAS, in what is now IMO’s Life-Saving Appliances (LSA) Code, and a companion Recommendation on Testing of Life-Saving Appliances. These international standards have given rise to the expression "SOLAS approved", implying that some kind of international approval system is in place. In fact, each national maritime safety administration is still responsible for ensuring that equipment on its ships meets the SOLAS requirements.

This is changing, however. In 1992, the United States introduced a work item at IMO on international approval of lifesaving appliances. Negotiations on this subject have not led to an international or "SOLAS" approval system, but much has been done to standardize testing procedures so that data exchange between approving authorities should be easier. The European Commission has a directive 2001 CE on marine equipment, which directs member countries to accept each others’ marine safety equipment approvals. Through the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the United States has formally proposed a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) on this agreement with the European Union.

On July 1, 2006, the new IMO regulation (MSC.1/Circ.1206 SOLAS chapter III) came into effect as a guide line. This new regulation recommends for the periodic servicing and maintenance of lifeboats , davits and on-load release gears that annual and five years inspection have to be made by original equipment manufacturer or skilled service companies homologated by them. As a consequence of the new regulations for maintenance and service, classification societies and flag state administrations require to proceed accordingly.

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Quality certifications :

Classification and testing is essential in our industry. Our solutions have to evacuate people in emergency situations under most probably very bad conditions. It is not easy to receive certificates for this type of equipment and we are proud to say that in our history all our products were approved by the required classification societies.

ACEBI's equipments comply with the latest regulations of SOLAS 74/83 and its latest amendements.

ACEBI's equipments are certified by the classification societies:
  • ABS
  • CR
  • DNV
  • FNB
  • CCS
  • LRS
  • NKK
  • RINA
  • BV
  • DMA
  • GL
  • MRS
  • ZC
(others on demand)
Homologated by:
  • CCG
  • USCG
  • EU Certificates to directive 2001 CE by the notified B.V.
(others on demand)

Who we are..?

ACEBI, since 50 years, is designing, developing and supplying davits, launching and recovery systems, lifeboats and rescue boats, cranes, deck and access equipment for all types of ships and offshore platforms.


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